Mulshi Retreat - The "Why's & How's"


How are you?

In my first post, I posted a lot of questions which I get regularly. Many questions were unanswered and many of them didn't make sense to many (many call me crazy or mad). Then I strongly felt that it's you who need to look for the answers and not expect from anyone else. All the answers for all the questions are already present inside you. I used to struggle for the answers and used to wait for someone who will walk into my life and make sense of all those questions. But later I realized that it's you who need to look for answers and not be dependent on anyone else. I started doing intense kundalini meditations. The answer which I got after a series of meditations is "Look Within." Look within is usually found in many posts of spiritual people but you know there are moments in life, where even though you know the solution for many of your problems, you don't get connected or you will be rotating in the same loop for years together. But that day "Look Within" made a lot of sense. When I started looking within, I heard that a group of meditators are going to meet in Basho Resort, Mulshi, Maharashtra and meditate collectively for a week. I got super excited. Mujhe laga tha that like minded people are coming and you can express (verbally) whatever you feel, think and experience. But, it was different. We were expressing to each other without talking, it was energy which was talking to each other. Just to simplify, "bata diya bina baat kiye, aur sun bhi liya." Not that we didn't speak to each other, we did. Learned many new theroies about Shiva, Shakti and Paramashiva. Also many concepts of this body (Kashmiri Shaivism) and universe.

                                        Image: Mulshi lake from the Basho Restaurant.

Learned a lot of new techniques in meditation, which can make you have a centered awareness (Singularity). Few were very intense, where you started crying, screaming etc., all the hidden underlying stagnant emotions were released. I am a Reiki Master ( from last seven years and  I heal people who are in need. I was not aware that a lot of emotions present in me which were stagnant. You suddenly start seeing few moments of life which you are not even aware of, but they happened. Few meditations were very smooth and calm. Every meditator or spiritual person has their personal favorite meditation technique, with which they get connected to the nothingness (😉). I found mine 😇. The moment the technique was explained, I got connected and that's it. I was not there physically for a few hours, I was at a nothing phase and deeply connected to everything. All the questions got answered and felt the emptiness where your buddhi won over ahamkara. All the "kanchukas" were broken and that nothing in everything & everything in nothing was felt. Life's higher dimensions, meanings etc., were crystal clear. Found out what and how to let go of a few things/events from your life. The software which was installed during birth is virus free and based on our lifestyle, activities etc., we feed virus into our software. Then blame the virus on its entry and then crib about everything and lose the value of that software which was installed. Then you get into loops of such viruses and lose the essence of your own existence. Unless until you break those loops and come out of them, you cannot live your life to the fullest. There were different phases in my life, where I knowingly installed viruses into my software. Complained about them, cribbed about them, fell sick, cried and so on. Then with that meditative technique which I mentioned above, I broke all the loops and installed a new version. All the "WHY's & HOW's" were answered. Henceforth this being found a way forward on what to do with the rest of this life and how to leave this physical body. 

Image: Yin-Yang 

Image: Meditation hall with a few of meditators.

To meditate in a stretch for so many hours, physical fitness and food plays a prominent role. The physical fitness was attained with Yoga. I never did yoga before in last 32 years. Started doing it in the retreat. As usual first two days it was painful and was searching for reasons to skip yoga. But when you are aligned, you just do things. Only seven days of Yoga gave lot of fitness and prepared my body for meditations for longer durations. Second one was food. The food was not like a typical retreat where people just eat leaves/salad or so. Food was very yummy, the best you can ever eat. But it was satthwik. You will not believe I almost lost three kilograms of weight in just a week time. Discussed a lot about healthy way of living life and how to take care of this body which is a full time focus area for one of my companies - Pravara Innovatives ( I am going to continue yoga and satthwik food for this lifetime. At present, I feel so light, calm and composed!!!

                                                                    Image: Yoga area

All credits to the one who conducted this brilliant retreat, collective energies from all the meditators who were present, all the gurus who were supporting this event, all the ancestors who ascended and made us all meet, people who supported me financially, parents, brother, friends, well-wishers & to all those who taught me life lessons. I bow down to the Mother Earth for the life itself, I extend myself to the Universe for the existence itself and the Energies (Mother Kundalini) inside us and around us for the manifestation itself. Ignore if any mistakes in the grammar and I hope you felt my energies in my expression 🙏.

"We don't know what we don't know"
"Witness the witness"
"Observe the observer"

See you all.

Till then,
Blessings of Mother Kundalini and Paramashiva. 


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