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Entities ❤

Hey Entities, Was sup! When I rewind my life, approximately 20 years back I encountered an entity in my maternal grandmothers’ village. It was my first encounter with an entity. People call entities with different names, like - Soul, Ghost, Spirit etc., That village is in banks of river Godavari. It was around 9.30 pm IST; all my family members were in a marriage and I was walking alone to my grandmother’s house. Suddenly I felt that someone was following me and when I turned back, there was nothing. After a while I felt a hand on my shoulder. I got scared and ran away to her house.      I heard many stories where people talk about seeing ghosts, hearing weird sounds etc., After 14 years from my first experience, I have encountered a similar situation but an intense one in Delhi. I used to work for a wellness company in Delhi and on top of our office building one of our watchmen used to reside. He was very friendly to me and I often used to visit his room. He used to stay there along

Mulshi Retreat - The "Why's & How's"

Hey, How are you? In my first post, I posted a lot of questions which I get regularly. Many questions were unanswered and many of them didn't make sense to many (many call me crazy or mad). Then I strongly felt that it's you who need to look for the answers and not expect from anyone else. All the answers for all the questions are already present inside you. I used to struggle for the answers and used to wait for someone who will walk into my life and make sense of all those questions. But later I realized that it's you who need to look for answers and not be dependent on anyone else. I started doing intense kundalini meditations. The answer which I got after a series of meditations is " Look Within ." Look within is usually found in many posts of spiritual people but you know there are moments in life, where even though you know the solution for many of your problems, you don't get connected or you will be rotating in the same loop for years together. But tha