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Hey covid-19 it's me!!!😉

Hey, How are you doing in the Corona crisis?  Are you scared ? Are you dependent on vaccine ?  How much confident are you that even if u get Infected u will be cured ?  Do you know something called as immunity ?  And finally do you know about your body ?  Lot of questions!!! Few questions you know and few others ask you. But fact remains same. If you have observed the whole phenomenon of covid-19 or corona. Its crystal clear that if you have immunity, you will survive. So again question arises that are you doing anything about your immunity?  If your answer is yes, then what is that which you are doing and are you sure it works? If No , what's stopping you. Don't lie to your own self.  Do you want to learn an intact method or technique or skill which our ancestors used to practice and protected themselves? If its YES, ping me on 9676707526 .  Let's build an immunised world. Let's join our hands to protect ourselves.  By a Covid Warrior (in a way you would have neve