These are my question marks. You wanna discuss about answers?

Why do we get frustrated?

Why do we get irritated?

Why do we react to something?

Why do you say something which you do not mean?

Why do you react in a specific way?

Why am i alive?

Why don't i get my death?

Why Should i care for anyone?

Why should i dream?

Why should i do hard work?

Why should i earn?

Why should i spend?

Why should i lend?

Why should i repay?

Why should i listen to someone?

Why don't i listen to myself?

Why should i respect?

Why should i look for respect?

What is purpose of existence?

Why should i help others?

Why should i expect help?

Am i small?

Am i big?

Who is god?

Why is god?

Where is god?

Why earth formed?

Why should i get married?

Why should i produce babies?







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